THANKS to Randy, David, and Dave!

As is obvious from various inquiries, I've been trying to compile
a listing of SIR LANCELOT's work.

There are many questions, and lots of speculation about
the source of some sessions and reissues.

There are recordings mentioned in the notes to the UK reissue,
and I have listings of some odd label lp's, but can't reconcile
them with date/location etc.

Unable to find anything about his last recordings (hymns), an LP
on the MARILAN label.  Have only one 45rpm drawn from the LP.  

Is there anyone out there who is interested in Lancelot, or
who has information about his recordings?

There are a number of sources I've contacted, who probably have
a lot of information (they were involved with a significant UK 
reissue of Sir Lancelot's work), but they have so far not provided any help.

There are also some intriguing listings in the British Library Sound Archive,
but again my inquiries have not elicited any information.....

Help would be most welcome.

Best wishes, Thomas.

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I'm sure it is the Loesser song from the film HAPPY GO LUCKY, as Sir Lancelot performs it in the movie.

Dave Weiner

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>I wonder if Sing A Tropical Song is the Frank Loesser number?
>On 8/4/2013 10:24 PM, Randy Watts wrote:
>> Here 'tis.
>> Randy
>> <><><><>
>> Lancelot Pinard (vo)&  his Calypso Singers with g.
>> LA, July 13, 1942
>> 46-A - Pearl Harbor - Unissued
>> 47-A - Sing a Tropical Song - Unissued
>> 48-A - Young Girls Today - Unissued
>> 49-A - Look Out for Wife - Unissued
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>>> Subject: [78-L] Capitol Label Discography - anyone have this ROM ??
>>> If anyone has this, can you extract information about
>>> a 1942 unissued SIR LANCELOT session?  THANKS!
>>> Best wishes, Thomas.
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