Hi John:

You said that your client has the analog originals on hand. I would suggest that he not put too much 
time or money into sussing out problems with CDR media made a decade ago in a Sony CD recorder. 
Rather, he should spend his time and money re-transferring the material, in high resolution, to a 
modern storage system. And he should be aware of budgeting for future expenses to maintain and 
migrate the data.

-- Tom Fine

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> Thank you to everyone who responded to my CD-R/ bit-rot problem. While we've yet to review any of 
> these discs, I've forwarded every email to him to give him the collective wisdom of the ARSC list.
> While I would have never given him the advice to let CD-Rs lie without any bit-level fixity 
> checks, etc., it is what it is, so I wish them good luck and now I know why I send in my dues 
> every year and participate in the ARSC TC.
> Sincerely,
> John
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