The good news is at least my son Robert is getting a whole bunch of live 
unaugmented music while studying music education at Western University 
in London, Ontario. Most concerts are unaugmented--even the odd modern 
music. He plays sax as his primary instrument for university and there 
were saxes making ungodly, electronic-like sounds, but all really 
acoustic at one concert we attended.

At the church I used to do sound at (used-to=long story) we had a 
tightrope. I actually pulled the choir mics down as people were sneaking 
them in, but told the choirmaster we'd need to mic the choir for things 
like the Christmas pageant...and if they didn't project more.
We did for the pageant as no one can shut up during that, but otherwise, 
Robert sang in the unaugmented youth choir and in the rock attempt at a 
praise never really got off the ground.

I'm pleased that Robert still uses an acoustic guitar sometimes, but 
tonight he's hearing Black Sabbath at least with my musical 
son, it is a real mix.

My younger son hears less unaugmented music. He's down in NY State 
helping a heavy metal band move their archives. He packed half a ton of 
tapes earlier this week...many of which I had digitized earlier.



On 2013-08-14 10:16 PM, Michael Biel wrote:
> Plus, most of them have never known what live unaugmented music sounds
> like. Pity.
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