On 8/20/2013 9:31 AM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
> Paul, I believe she was using a ReVox PR99 for this particular playback,
> though there is also an A807 available.

I guessed as much. I'll let others who know more than I do discuss 
possible causes for the stickiness and possible remedies; I'll only talk 
about playback.

Most ReVox tape machines make a difficult platform for playing tapes 
with squeal problems, due to the sharp bend the tape makes from the head 
assembly to the take-up reel. The A77 is particularly difficult, but the 
B77 and its offspring the PR99 also can pose problems. The Studer A807 
is better, but not perfect.

What works best with squealy tapes, in my experience, is a Studer with 
the "W" transport and full tension servo-control. A Studer A810 is 
ideal, but a B67 will also do a good job. The ReVox A700, which uses a 
stripped-down version of the B67 transport, will also do a surprisingly 
good job.

Again, the more you can alleviate the stickiness problem, the better. 
But onvr you've gotten the tape as good as you can get it, a Studer with 
a "W" transport will work better than most ReVoxes for doing the actual