Hi, Paul,

Thanks for the tip. The cool thing (ha) about my cold playback technique 
was I tested it with Sony PR-150--one of the poster children for 
squealing--and it worked fine cold. I opened the fridge door and the 
squealing restarted. I closed the door and I could hear it stop in less 
than a minute.

So, yes, the PR99 is not ideal for this. If I get to play the tape, I 
would use the A80, except that it's 3.75 in/s and I haven't done the 
3.75 mod yet to any of my machines. I could use an A810, but I might use 
the Racal Store 4DS which has proven very useful for squealing Shamrock 




On 2013-08-20 2:51 PM, Paul Stamler wrote:
> On 8/20/2013 9:31 AM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>> Paul, I believe she was using a ReVox PR99 for this particular playback,
>> though there is also an A807 available.
> I guessed as much. I'll let others who know more than I do discuss
> possible causes for the stickiness and possible remedies; I'll only talk
> about playback.
> Most ReVox tape machines make a difficult platform for playing tapes
> with squeal problems, due to the sharp bend the tape makes from the head
> assembly to the take-up reel. The A77 is particularly difficult, but the
> B77 and its offspring the PR99 also can pose problems. The Studer A807
> is better, but not perfect.
> What works best with squealy tapes, in my experience, is a Studer with
> the "W" transport and full tension servo-control. A Studer A810 is
> ideal, but a B67 will also do a good job. The ReVox A700, which uses a
> stripped-down version of the B67 transport, will also do a surprisingly
> good job.
> Again, the more you can alleviate the stickiness problem, the better.
> But onvr you've gotten the tape as good as you can get it, a Studer with
> a "W" transport will work better than most ReVoxes for doing the actual
> transfer.
> Peace,
> Paul
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