I'm doing a little something on cover tunes for a music-education group. I'm not having luck getting 
a good-quality version of one cut I'd like to use.

The Los Lobos 4CD anthology set, now apparently out of print, included a cover of the Beatles' 
"Tomorrow Never Knows," taken from a WNET/PBS TV show that was basically a combination of live clips 
and artist interviews celebrating the influence of Beatles' music on then-current artists, circa 

Anyway, here's the Los Lobos clip from the show:

If anyone has that 4CD set, I'd be most appreciative of a FLAC, WAV or high-bitrate MP3 of that cut. 
I can't find a download of the song for sale from legitimate dealers and I don't want to pay 
ridicu-prices for the full 4CD set, now out of print. The presentation site has a good sound system, 
so I'd prefer not to dub the Youtube audio.

Please ping off-list if you can help.

BTW, other covers of this song I'm including are Phil Collins (last cut on "About Face") and Herbie 
Hancock/Dave Matthews (on "The Imagine Project"). We'll also hear the "Beatles Anthology II" CD 
sequence showing how the song started out.

Another song I'm doing in detail is Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo," starting from the beginning and 
showing how its interpretation and performance changed as jazz changed. A fun comparison I'm doing 
is Sex Pistols' original "Anarchy In the UK" as a punk song vs Megadeth's cover as a speed-metal 

-- Tom Fine