Here's a list of what's available for purchase. All are of 1990s vintage and are in good physical 
condition. Recorded once, played infrequently, stored in typical Northeastern USA indoor home 
conditions, never in direct sunlight. Prices include USA shipping.

2 x Fuji DRII-90 with cardboard inserts, $1 each

1 x TDK SA-100, no insert, $1.50

7 x TDK SA-90 with inserts, $1.50 each

9 x TDK SA-90, no inserts, $1.25 each

2 x Maxell XLII-S 100's with inserts, $2 each

6 x Maxell XLII 100's, no inserts, $1.50 each

6 x Maxell XLII 90's with inserts, $1.50 each

5 x Maxell XLII 90s, no inserts, $1.25 each

1 x Maxell XLII-S 90, no insert, $1.50

Please ping OFF-LIST if interested. By them all and I'll knock $5 off the total.

-- Tom Fine