On 8/28/2013 8:48 PM, Clark Johnsen wrote:
> John Powell for all his life was a Democrat. Sen. Robert Byrd (D) rose to a
> high position in that party yet was throughout WWII a Grand Kleagle. Byrd
> even refused to join the military because he might have to serve alongside
> “race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” As
> recently as 2005, in his memoir, Byrd describes the KKK as a fraternal
> assembly of "upstanding people". He was the only senator to vote against
> both African-American Supreme Court nominees Thurgood Marshall and Clarence
> Thomas.
> Who on "the right" or even in the Republican party can boast such a record?
> Just sayin'.

Strom Thurmond, most obviously. He started out as a Southern Democrat, 
or "Dixiecrat", but migrated to the Republican Party in 1964 after the 
Civil Rights Act was passed. He remained a segregationist for many 
years, during all of which he was supporting the mixed-race daughter he 
had fathered.

There's no question that Southern Democrats constituted a powerful 
reactionary force in the country for many decades. It was their strength 
in Congress that made FDR move very cautiously on civil rights 
throughout his years in office, because he wanted to get the rest of his 
program passed. John Kennedy was similarly cautious about civil rights, 
until events forced his hand in 1962-1963, and for the same reason -- 
Southern Democrats made powerful by the seniority system.

Neither party has clean hands on racial questions -- one of many reasons 
I prefer to call myself an Independent.

Meanwhile, I'd take issue with the notion that eugenics was created by 
progressives such as Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger. In fact 
eugenics was an outgrowth of the "scientific racism" that flowered in 
the 19th century, and that movement was far from progressive -- it was 
in fact concerned with telling the folks in charge that they belonged 
there by natural law. Some progressives, notoriously including Sanger 
and Wilson, *endoresed* eugenics, including its strongly nativist 
outgrowth, immigration restriction. Many progressives, however, did not. 
There's a dissertation in this someplace.

Meanwhile, can we get back to records?