The Schulz-Fürstenberg-Trio ODEON recordings were also issued on PARLOPHONE in England.  Perhaps
GRAMOPHONE reviewed them, and may have provided some biographical information.  If anyone has
access to the Gramophone archive and would kindly do a search, it may answer the questions
about BORACK.

Best wishes, Thomas.


in a list of WWI wounded, there is a KURT BORACK, Sergeant in a SAXON
reserve unit,
from Dresden, born 3/19/1886.

Other hits appear from 1933-1976 -  *IF* this is the same person, he would
be 47 at the time of the first MUSICAL references......

1933 received a stipend of 1,500 Reichsmark
     Jahrbuch der Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Volume 10 p.157
     Staatsstipendium fur ausubende Tonkunstler 1,500 Reichsmark vevier-
      telt: Karlrobert Kreiten, Karl Weiss, KURT BORACK, Sebastian Peschko,

RADIO 1934         [The Wireless World]
   Ballad Recital by Oiikar Jolli (Baritone) and Kurt Borack (Pianoiorte)

RADIO 19 FEB 1935 [New York Sun]
   Tresi Rudolph, soprano; Lothar Rlttarlioff. violinist; Kurt Borack,

RADIO 12 MAY 1935 [El Mundo, San Juan, Puerto Rico]
   BERLÍN (DJA), 31,88 m. 9.560 ka — A las 0,15: Concierto orquestal:
   e. o. concierto de piano de Hernann; Zilche'r y «Muerte y glorificación », de R. Strauss;
   solista, Kurt Borak; maestro, Waldemar von Vultée.

RADIO 14 MAR 1936  [The Straits Times]
   Romanzas for violin and piano by Beethoven
   Lathar Ritterhoff and Kurt Barack

1936 October 21  The Straits Times
BERLIN  Serenade for cello and piano by Smit-Sibinga
Hans Hagen, Kurt Borack

1936 December 31  The Straits Times
Sonata in E flat major, op.12 for violin and piano by Beethoven
Kate Grandt, Kurt Borack

ODEON(G) - PARLOPHONE(E) recordings       10" 78rpm

Odeon O-25952         10" 78rpm
Parlophone R2517      10" 78rpm  [Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia 1942;
Be.11838  SCHUBERT: Trio-Sonate B-Dur 1812
Be.11839   part 2.

Odeon O-25994         10" 78rpm
PARLOPHONE R 2499                [British Library NSA]
Be.11840  Andante cantabile / G. Tartini
Be.11841  Liebesgarten, op. 34, Nr. 1 / R. Schumann
Schulz-Furstenberg-Trio: Senta Bergman, Violin, Gunther Schulz-Furstenberg,
Cello, Kurt Borack, piano

Odeon O-26265
Parlophone R2614
          BEETHOVEN: Trio No. 8 In B Flat Major - Allegro
          HAYDN: Trio No. 1 In G Major - Andante Con Variazioni
Schulz-Furstenberg Trio

Odeon O-26276         10" 78rpm
Parlophone R 2638
Be 12211  BEETHOVEN: Piano Trio No. 5 in D major, op. 70, No. 1 "Ghost"
Be 12212   part 2.
Schulz-Furstenberg-Trio: Senta Bergman, Violin - Gunther Schulz-Furstenberg,
Cello - Kurt Borack am Bechstein-Flugel

1951  "Recorded by the Bavarian Radio Co."
MERCURY MG 15021                             10" LP
 BRAHMS: Ballades (complete)BRAHMS: Ballades, Op.118, No.3 in G minor
        Kurt Borack, piano
[Op.10 Nos.1,2,3,4   Hans Priegnitz, piano]

MERCURY MG 15022                             10" LP
BRAHMS: Klavierstuke, Op.118, Nos.1,2,4,5,6
BRAHMS: Intermezzi,    Op.119 Nos.1,2,3.
Kurt Borack, piano.
[nb-no biographical data in the album notes]

HUGO WOLF: Das verlassene Mägdlein
Eva-Regina Schulze, S
Kurt Borack, Kl
1955 / DRA Babelsberg MZ 11431/B

WOLF: In der Frühe
Eva-Regina Schulze, S
Kurt Borack, Kl
1955 / DRA Babelsberg MZ11431/C

WOLF: Heb’ auf dein blondes Haupt
Eva-Regina Schulze, S
Kurt Borack, Kl
1955 / DRA Babelsberg MZ11431/A

RADIO: March 1964, NDR - Hamburg
 Kurt Borack with cellist Leslie Parnas

A3  Comptine Du Quai Aux Fleurs

ETERNA 8 10 008     Lieder und Chansons                             LP 1965?? 1967
Cipé Lincovsky / Fania Fénelon  [Serie: Unser Leben im Lied (6)]
 B3. Comptine du quai aux fleurs (Fénelon / Aragon)
     Kurt Borack, Klavier