Here is the current list of KURT BORACK work.
Please send any additions, corrections and particularly any biographical information.
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in a list of WWI wounded:
KURT BORACK, Sergeant in a SAXON reserve unit,
from Dresden, born 3/19/1886.

Other hits appear from 1933-1976 -  *IF* this is the same person, he would
be 47 at the time of the first MUSICAL references......

1933 received a stipend of 1,500 Reichsmark
     Jahrbuch der Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Volume 10 p.157
     Staatsstipendium fur ausubende Tonkunstler 1,500 Reichsmark vevier-
     telt: Karlrobert Kreiten, Karl Weiss, KURT BORACK, Sebastian Peschko,

RADIO 1934 [The Wireless World]
  Ballad Recital by Oiikar Jolli (Baritone) and Kurt Borack (Pianoiorte)

RADIO 19 FEB 1935 [New York Sun]
  Tresi Rudolph, soprano; Lothar Rlttarlioff. violinist; Kurt Borack, pianist.

RADIO 1935 MAY 12  [El Mundo, San Juan, Puerto Rico]
  BERLÍN (DJA), 31,88 m. 9.560 ka — A las 0,15: Concierto orquestal:
  e. o. concierto de piano de Hernann; Zilche'r y «Muerte y glorificación », de R. Strauss;
  solista, Kurt Borak; maestro, Waldemar von Vultée.

RADIO 1936 MAR 14 [The Straits Times]
  Romanzas for violin and piano by Beethoven
  Lathar Ritterhoff and Kurt Barack

RADIO 1936 JUN 11 [The Brooklyn Eagle] short wave Berlin, Call DJD
  Fernandez Arbos.popular pieces for violin, 'cello and piano,
  the Schulz-Furstenberg Trio.

RADIO 1936 OCT 21 [The Straits Times]
  BERLIN Serenade for cello and piano by Smit-Sibinga
  Hans Hagen, Kurt Borack

RADIO 1936 DDEC 31 [The Straits Times]
  Sonata in E flat major, op.12 for violin and piano by Beethoven
  Kate Grandt, Kurt Borack

Prize winner in Germany in the 1930's [Mike Gray]

ODEON(G)/PARLOPHONE(E) recordings       10" 78rpm

ODEON O-25952         10" 78rpm
PARLOPHONE R2517      10" 78rpm  [Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia 1942; 78discography]
Be.11838  SCHUBERT: Trio-Sonate B-Dur 1812
Be.11839   part 2.

ODEON O-25994         10" 78rpm
PARLOPHONE R 2499                [British Library NSA]
Be.11840  Andante cantabile / G. Tartini
Be.11841  Liebesgarten, op. 34, Nr. 1 / R. Schumann
Schulz-Furstenberg-Trio: Senta Bergman, Violin, Gunther Schulz-Furstenberg,
Cello, Kurt Borack, piano

ODEON O-26265
          BEETHOVEN: Trio No. 8 In B Flat Major - Allegro
          HAYDN: Trio No. 1 In G Major - Andante Con Variazioni
Schulz-Furstenberg Trio

ODEON O-26276         10" 78rpm
Be 12211  BEETHOVEN: Piano Trio No. 5 in D major, op. 70, No. 1 "Ghost"
Be 12212   part 2.
Schulz-Furstenberg-Trio: Senta Bergman, Violin - Gunther Schulz-Furstenberg,
Cello - Kurt Borack am Bechstein-Flugel

1951  "Recorded by the Bavarian Radio Co."
MERCURY MG 15021                             10" LP
 BRAHMS: Ballades (complete)BRAHMS: Ballades, Op.118, No.3 in G minor
        Kurt Borack, piano
[Op.10 Nos.1,2,3,4   Hans Priegnitz, piano]

MERCURY MG 15022                             10" LP
BRAHMS: Klavierstuke, Op.118, Nos.1,2,4,5,6
BRAHMS: Intermezzi,    Op.119 Nos.1,2,3.
Kurt Borack, piano.
[nb-no biographical data in the album notes]

1950s in Mannheim in the Opera House.  [Mike Gray]
Deutsches Bühnen-Jahrbuch, Volume 74
mentions Kurt Borack as a Korrepetieur and assistant Kapelmeister in Mannheim between '63 nad 70.


Eva-Regina Schulze, soprano
Kurt Borack, klavier

HUGO WOLF: Das verlassene Mägdlein         DRA Babelsberg MZ 11431/B
           In der Frühe                    DRA Babelsberg MZ11431/C
           Heb’ auf dein blondes Haupt     DRA Babelsberg MZ11431/A

1959-1964 NDR Archive, Hamburg

22.10.1959 in Hamburg, NDR   Archiv number: M805286(HH)
Richard Beckmann: Ballade für Klavier in Des (8'51)
Richard Beckmann: Fallende Blätter für Klavier (4'59)
Richard Beckmann: Capriccio (3'32)
Kurt Borack, Klavier

05.07.1960 in Hamburg, NDR   Archiv number: M818671(HH)
Fried Walter: Tanzszene für Klarinette und Klavier (4'25)
Horst Schneider: Ballade für Klarinette und Klavier (5'17)
Kurt Borack, Klavier
Waldemar Wandel, Klarinette

23.09.1960 in Hamburg, NDR   Archiv number: M805022(HH)
Felix Eberhard von Cube: Sonate für Violine und Klavier f-Moll, op. 25, Nr. 1 (22'19)
Kurt Borack, Klavier
Franz Schmidtner, Violin

12.02.1962 in Hamburg, NDR   Archiv number: M801902(HH)
Kurt Svab: Vision. Konzertstück für Klavier und Orchester (7'41)
Hamburger Rundfunkorchester
Kurt Borack, Klavier
Richard Müller-Lampertz, Dirgent

19.04.1962 in Hamburg, NDR   Archiv number: M805996(HH)
Paul Ben-Haim: 3 songs without words für Violoncello und Klavier (3'10)
Kurt Borack, Klavier
Michael Rudiakow,  Violoncello

07.01.1964 in Hamburg, NDR   Archiv number: M804287(HH)
Hilding Rosenberg: Sonate für Violine und Klavier Nr. 2 (14'19)
Kurt Borack, Klavier
Leo Berlin: Violine

26.03.1964 in Hamburg, NDR   Archiv number:  M805750(HH)
Dmitrij Kabalewskij: Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier B-Dur, op. 71 (22'43)
Kurt Borack, Klavier
Leslie Parnas, Violoncello

A3  Comptine Du Quai Aux Fleurs

ETERNA 8 10 008     Lieder und Chansons             LP  1965?? 1967
Cipé Lincovsky / Fania Fénelon  [Serie: Unser Leben im Lied (6)]
B3. Comptine du quai aux fleurs (Fénelon / Aragon)
     Kurt Borack, Klavier

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