The Nat Cole collection, he says, is all LPs; prominent on the shelf is the Mosaic box of the complete Nat Cole Trio on CD. Anybody can collect everything.

Donald Clarke

On Aug 22, 2013, at 8:31 PM, Steve Ramm wrote:

I remember getting a DVD from this guy (DAvid Custis) about a year ago  
trying to sell his complete record collection. Apparantly he now has it on You  

You folks might enjoy watching his video but, like the Paul Mawhinney  
collection and many others, he wants to sell the whole thing and it's loaded  
with common items that no archive or collector will touch.

So much for hoping that collection filling your household will bring big  
bucks as a unit.

_?  DAVID J. CUSTIS Music Library 215 233 3258 Now available - YouTube_ 

Steve Ramm