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> Years ago at a NY ARSC conference we visited with Ms Boulton at Columbia
> when she gave a presentation about her career. I don't recall the date. 

> I think a recording was made on a battery cassette recorder but I've no idea
> who made it or if it survives. I think she commented about it- long time
> ago. I could be wrong.    Steve Smolian

I'm glad you brought this up.  It was 1969, 2 years before I joined
ARSC, so I didn't make the recording.  I am not sure if it is in the
ARSCive at the U of Md, but there IS a picture taken that day during her
talk, plus a 2nd photo of several listeners in the back of the room
along with some of the things on the wall.  There are DRUMS all over
that room!  I have a reference copy I took of these photos and can send
them to those who are interested.

There also is a set of photos of the tour of the Pittman N.J. RCA Victor
pressing plant.  I might add, Steve, that there is a certain gleam in
your eye in the photo you're in!  

We MUST get these early ARSC photos properly copied and put on the web
so we can get everyone identified.  My reference shots are just with a
handheld camera. 

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]     

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Thanks for all of your hard work, Dr. B, in checking out that photo and
of those fine leads to Laura Boulton images! I have known the image of
from this album 40 years, but never thought to look for another one with
recording equipment. On the 1934 expedition that produced this set alone
cut 464 discs. So I guess it wouldn't be unusual for her to be seen with
recording equipment!

David N. Lewis
Cincinnati, OH