The ratings information at gives every indication of having been taken from the Summers book I mentioned earlier. That people draw upon earlier sources of information doesn't bother me, but that people do so without attribution to those sources is one of my pet peeves.

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try these sites:

Best wishes, THomas.

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There's a book titled "A Thirty-Year History of Programs Carried on National Radio Networks in the United States, 1926-1956," by
Harrison B. Summers that your friend might find useful. Its season-by-season listings include ratings for most programs.

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A researcher friend asked me to inquire if anyone has recommendations about
where to find Hooper
 ratings for radio programs in the 30s & 40s?

I've checked the magazines of the time, but either there are only
occasional listings, or I'm not using the right search terms.

Thanks for any suggestions.

David Pierce

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