None that I know of. 

There is a late 1970s American Conservatory of Music LP (7051 N7) that 
featured Mayne Miller performing Concerto No. 2, with the Peninsula Music 
Festival Orchestra and Thor Johnson. On the same LP, Gunnar Johansen performs some 
of the shorter piano solo works: Passacaglia (in Form of a Rondo) and   Six 
Valses Caracteristiques, Op. 18. There's no evidence that either Mayne or 
Gunnar knew Collins during his lifetime.

We hoped that a Collins performance with CSO was recorded off a radio 
broadcast by private individuals, but a query to this listserve in the early 
2000s yielded nothing. There's no recording in the Rosenthal Archives. There's 
also no recording of Collins's several interviews on Chicago radio during the 
1930s and 40s. Nor is there a private recording of a documented broadcast 
of a performance by a symphony band of an arrangement of a soprano aria from 
Scene II of Collins only opera, DAUGHTER OF THE SOUTH. opera, broadcast from 
Grant Park on 26 July 1939. Collins relatives in Joliet and Milwaukee heard 
and enjoyed the broadcast, according to an entry made later that night in 
Collins's diary.

There is only a family-recorded silent film of Collins playing piano in his 
teaching (Chicago) or composer (Door County) studio. The tune appears to be 
his COWBOY'S BREAKDOWN, which was a favorite of his, and his four kiddles.

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> Do I recall a couple of private LPs with him playing his music?
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> Excerpted from U.S. Copyright Office Registration Record
> WALTZES; by Collins, Op. 15, Nos. 3 and 4. Played by Edward Collins.  
> Recordo, no. 66680. Music roll.   Registered in the name of Recordo Player
> Roll
> Company, under E 543580, following publication August 25, 1922.
> If found, this would be the only audio recording of Collins in existence.