Good to hear that there was a happy ending to his quest to sell the
collection.  Anyone know to who?  the LA Times article they showed in
the film seemed to indicate he might take a half million for it.  That
would be a bargain.  Those 8-tracks alone  . . . . . . . . .

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]  

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 Sam -- many thanks for posting this. It's a heart-warming feature. It
shows that Murray was special indeed, and his rendition of "Brother, Can
You Spare a Dime" is really good! But of course he'd remember the
Depression.... What a neat man.

 I met him when I was in L.A. in September 1968. Although I didn't know
the city I managed to find my way to his store of the time, which I
think was on Western Avenue. When he learned that I was interested in
Albert Coates's 78s he produced a 12" stock album of Coates HMVs, but
there was nothing I needed.

 It's good that they finally sold the collection, as Murray wanted.

 Don Tait




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A submission to another listserv to which I subscribe included a link to
this LA Times story of Music Man Murray.,0,6240789.story

I might add that the woman who sent the link prefaced it with, "Such a
special and sweet man...sang in our chorus for years." I never met
but am still trying to recover the vision of his naked backside in The

Sam Brylawski