The insect noises in Rudolf Serkin's recording of the Diabelli Variations are the sound of crickets. The recording was made at Marlboro in Vermont.

  Don Tait




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Insect noises? Like termites munching his Bosendorfer?
I know of one instance where an artist dubbed in his dog barking quietly 
at the beginning of a piece. he had flubbed the beginning, stopped, went 
"Shhh... shh..." to the dog and began again. Very cute.


On 8/2/2013 4:18 AM, Don Cox wrote:
> On 02/08/2013, Donald Clarke wrote:
>> Mitch Miller wanted Frank Sinatra to bark like a dog on one of his
>> later Columbia sides, but he wouldn't do it and Miller had to get
>> somebody else. A famous recording of Scheherezade by the Philadelphia
>> Orchestra, transferred from 78s for the new long-playing record in
>> 1948, had reverb added to it, using an old piece of tape that had a
>> barking dog on it, and you could hear that on the finished LP. And
>> there's a few live folk recordings made outdoors with barkers in the
>> chorus; I've heard one, but I don't remember what it was. There were
>> fiddlers playing "The Hot Canary", Leroy Anderson's "The Waltzing Cat"
> Rudolf Serkin's version of the Diabelli Variations, recorded at his
> home, has insect noises in the background.
> There are many recordings from Kingsway Hall with audible tube trains.
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