Collective wisdom of the ARSC list,

I got a message from an archivist friend, and while we haven't tried anything ourselves, I thought I would post his message to the list to see if anyone had any ideas for recovery.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I will forward it to him.

Thanks in advance,
John Spencer
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Iím beginning to have some problems with many of the CD-Rís that are in the collection I work with.  Most of theseCD-Rís were made from analog sources [we thankfully still have them] over 10 years ago, long before we had any sort of digital storage system.  These CD-Rís suffer from a variety of jitter/glitches when exported into the computer and many of them skip or hang up when played in a CD player.  They were all created using a stand-alone Sony CDR-W33 burner and the CD-R stock was JVC/Taiyo Yuden.
My current platform is Mac.  Iíve tried a couple of different CD drives, thinking that may make a difference, but no dice.  Iíve tried copying some of them through iTunes using its built-in error correction.  Iíve downloaded MAX-a CD ripper application for Mac that uses a version of cdparanoiaóIíve also tried Pillage, so far nothing has made any noticeable difference.

If you have any thoughts on ways to productively do this, or know of anyone who has successfully dealt with a problem like this, please let me know.