Sure thing, Don. We JH fans are on a mission. (Is Jerry Bruck on this list?)

There doesn't appear to be a Windows version, but what they are trying to
say is that the disc image that ddrescue creates can be accessed in Windows.
You are right about linux devotees. It's their language and you (we) have to
figure it out. I'll try to do that and let you know how it goes. (I edited
two additions of Linux+ training lab manuals and got them to work but, like
a science elective, forgot a lot of it as soon as it was done.) I'll try the
UBCD boot-CD environment, which would work with any PC without
modifications. If. It's not the same program Aaron used.

Got a workflow we can understand, Aaron? :-)

Wonder if dbpoweramp works the same way, Tom? There theoretically is an
advantage to trying multiple error-fix tools.

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On 07/08/2013, Carl Pultz wrote:

> Hey, hereā
> Any other catalog series that are typically vulnerable to wasting? We 
> should be proactive toward preserving such items. This Mahler went 
> from okay to not okay in just a couple years. OTOH, the big kerfuffle 
> over bit-rot predicted years ago seems to have been overstated. For 
> USA collections, the vast majority of CDs remain playable, at least 
> based on the collections I know. Are others finding more rotten beer 
> coasters?
My copy of the Mahler 3rd is the same as yours.

Perhaps if we can get ddrescue to work we could put the two copies together

Unfortunately I have not been able to unarchive the ddrescue download so
far. It might be a Linux-only program ? Linux folk like to make it as
difficult as possible to use their software.

I am using Win XP. Does anyone have a version that just works on XP, without
all the obstacles ?  It would be small enough to email.

Don Cox
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