The JH Mahler 1 was reissued by Classic FM and the M3 by Brilliant Classics. My Unicorns look okay but I'm playing them to make sure. Listening to the Panufnik overtures now.

Donald Clarke

On Aug 8, 2013, at 12:21 PM, Carl Pultz wrote:

Mine looks fine from the bottom, but the top shows discoloration, a brassy
tint, worse at the outside, less toward the middle. dBpoweramp has been
working now for 3 hours on track 1 (mvmnt III) and is still trying. This is
the Souvenir Series of 1988. This third has also appeared in a complete
Mahler Sym box set, but hasn't been reissued as a separate item, AFAIK.

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On 07/08/2013, Carl Pultz wrote:

> Sure thing, Don. We JH fans are on a mission. (Is Jerry Bruck on this
> list?)
> There doesn't appear to be a Windows version, but what they are trying
> to say is that the disc image that ddrescue creates can be accessed in
> Windows. 

It should be a standard ISO image file.

Do we have any idea what the physical mechanism is in this deterioration? 

The disc looks perfectly normal with no visible damage at all.

I am trying it under the program EAC, which uses a similar retry method.
So far after several hours it has "read" less than 1% of the first
track, so I am not optimistic. This is in a Plextor drive, which should
do retries itself.

Also checking my copies of Symphonies 1 and 6 and a Robert Simpson CD.

Don Cox
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