I read this a few days ago and had the same reaction. Vinyl isn't going to save the "music industry" but I doubt that downloads or streaming will either. Rather, the industry, if it survives as such, will change into something we hadn't anticipated. 

And the bit about 320kbps mp3s is just conventional-wisdom misinformation. As everyone here knows, listening is an activity that some perform better than others.


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This is a viewpoint that is contrarian compared to some of the steeped-in-nostalgia perspectives seen often on this list. I'm not 100% in agreement with this guy, but he raises some valid issues. A niche market is too small a "tail" to wag a "dog." I disagree about 320kbps streams sounding "just like" a CD, and I've rarely had an internet connection that can sustain such a stream for hours of listening.

Anyway, worth a read:

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