I also know of 
Good point. May be useful to compile a list of brands.

I also know of TDK / Memorex / Fuji / Kodak / Verbatum / and a myriad of cheap and cheerful makes at the Pond Shops (in the UK). Then there are the specialist gold or silver or platinum plated disks. Likely eBay or Amazon would give a full list of manufacturers.

Then I did hear that some manufacturers make different versions for brands.

Chris B.

 From: Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>
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Sent: Thursday, 15 August 2013, 1:11
Subject: [ARSCLIST] where are CD's made these days?

I'm hoping for fact-based accurate to-date info here. Factual input much appreciated.

Where are CDs being manufactured these days and who owns the plants? I might be wrong in my 
understanding, but I think Universal and EMI and maybe also Warner Music and Sony have mostly gotten 
out of the manufacturing business. Have they sold or spun off their plants? If so, what entities own 
them now? I might be wrong about Sony, they seem to own plants at least in Japan and perhaps 
elsewhere. There used to be a reliable number/letter code system in CD "deadwax" that indicated 
where a disc was made, and some plants boldly stamped their insignia on the discs. This doesn't seem 
to be the case today.

Also, is replication the same as in the 80s and 90s -- is a glass master still cut from a data 
stream (I would assume it comes off a hard drive today rather than a 1630 tape)? Have there been 
further advances in reducing baked-in jitter? I remember there were some advances in the 90s, mainly 
in the glass master cutting.

-- Tom Fine