As you know, I use Last Factory
lubricant and have had g
Hi Richard,

As you know, I use Last Factory
lubricant and have had good results with both acetate backed tape and
magnetic film. I suspect that Marie O'Connels method would work as
well. One could apply the alcohol with an eye dropper instead of
Marie’s setup for a one-off transfer.

You can have the conservator contact me
off-list if you like.


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Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 4:19 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Sticky ACETATE tape

Hello, all,

I have been in touch with a tape conservator who was asking about a 
sticky ACETATE tape. She realizes that it should not be baked, but I was 
wondering if any of you had run across this.

The tape is in a Soundcraft box, but other tapes in Soundcraft boxes in 
the same batch have transferred well. It is on a clear, six-window reel 
(with three of the windows slightly larger than the other three). It is 
brown oxide and not back coated.

There are no visible signs (to the conservator) of water damage to 
either the box or the reel.

The symptoms are:

(1) Tape sticks to underlying layer and does not drop cleanly
     off the reel
(2) No oxide appears to be pulling out at the outside
(3) When attempting to play the tape, it squeals

The tape is half-track mono, perhaps both sides, at 3.75 in/s.

Any and all thoughts/anecdotes would be appreciated. I may be getting
this tape to transfer and I have some ideas--I'll publish on my blog
if we have success or learn anything.




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