I thought there was a volume 2, but actually P-49 is Indian Music of the
Southwest, Vol 1.  Disc numbers were 90-95, whereas your set, P-10, has
discs numbered 84-89. Nothing inbetween. And I can't find either in the
oversized 1943 wartime catalog. Now I'm trying to remember which set I
have downstairs -- I thought I had a Vol 2.     

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]  

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I will be playing the Cincinnati Public Library's pristine copy of the
1939 RCA Victor set "African Music: Rhythm of the Jungle Vol. 1"
tomorrow at 7pm at the Main Library, as per the announcement below:

In the 1930s ethnomusicologist Laura C. Boulton accompanied an
expedition into Africa led by the Field Museum in Chicago. She brought
with her recording equipment, with which she documented what she
heard--beautiful, polyrhythmic songs performed by the indigenous
peoples of (then) French and British West Africa.

Joined by musicologist David Neal Lewis, we'll listen to these and
other ethnographic recordings, some of them from their original 78rpm

The program will be held in the Popular Library Lounge, behind the
fiction books, on the first floor of the South Building (800 Vine).

Of course I am aware that Professor Boulton did other field
expeditions in the 1930s where she made recordings. What I'd like to
know is if there was ever a Volume 2 to this 78 set? Also, the (poor)
Folkways LP version of this same release is about a half-step off in

David N. Lewis
Cincinnati, OH