I try to read this stuff.  But the former English teacher in me causes
me to be distracted by the writing style.

For example, in the following from the above paper, why both "e.g."
and "for example" in the same sentence?  Why an opening parenthesis,
but no closing one?  (Not the examples of the latter.)

"(e.g. W3C's PROV work for example might be a useful component to
integrate regarding Provenance."

Then there are multiple acronyms not spelled out when first used, and
specialist use of words such as "serialization".  I appreciate

One can find the three meanings of "collation": a meal, bibliographic
physical description, and arrangement of information.  Not all computer
and library jargon has made it into such sources however. making these
discussion mainly among an in group.

I miss Michael Gorman's English writing ability.

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