On 8/2/13 4:55 PM, Wallis,Richard wrote:
> Looks to me more like an attempt to produce a PURL service to point at 
> publisher web page URLs.  They are only created upon request, and they 
> could point at anything.  - even less like reliable resource 
> identifier than the ISBN!

Richard, that is the nature of DOI, not just DOI for ISBNs. It can point 
to anything, and at times that anything is a publisher's home page. 
Still, DOIs are considered important identifiers.

I think this leaves us with a dilemma, which is:
1. Unless a publisher includes the ISBN-A on the package or in metadata, 
you have no idea if there is one, but
2. Unless the ISBN international agency develops a canonical URI 
pattern, we're stuck with the URN form - urn:isbn:....

Maybe we should be pounding on the doors of to get a simple, global ISBN URI.


> Once you know the pattern, yes you could calculate what the ISBN-A URL 
> would be (if there is one created for the book with that ISBN) , but 
> that is not a translation to a linked data URI.
> In the same way, knowing the oclcnum of a bib record lets you 
> calculate what the WorldCat Linked Data URI for the resource that 
> record describes, because of the URI pattern used in WorldCat data. 
>  However, they are still separate and different things.
> Treating it otherwise would be the equivalent of using the text string 
> which is the title of a book to calculate what the dbpedia URI would 
> be for the work with that title and then saying that the URI was 
> equivalent to the title.
> ~Richard
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>     Richard, did you see my note about DOI and the ISBN? They claim to
>     be the official ISBN as URI:
>     I believe that there is no problem translating an ISBN string into
>     the DOI URI.
>     kc
>     On 8/2/13 1:23 PM, Wallis,Richard wrote:
>>     On 2 Aug 2013, at 20:18, J. McRee Elrod <[log in to unmask]
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>>>     Richard Wallis posted:
>>>>     [In the linked data world] there is a significant difference
>>>>     between
>>>>     the >numbers (OCLC number, LCCN, ISBN, etc.) associated with a
>>>>     resource and the >URI that identifies it.
>>>     Of these numbers, only ISBN is associated with the resource.
>>>      The OCN,
>>>     LCCN, and other national bibliographic agency nubers, are associated
>>>     with the description.
>>     That is true, the numbers /have/ been associated with the records
>>     (descriptions). However the URI is a [linked data] identifier for
>>     the resource.
>>     Note the '[In the linked data world]' in the text above you
>>     referenced.  Linked data uses http URIs as identifiers for
>>     resources, so that they can be linked and those links followed.
>>      Obviously there is need to record numbers and other identifying
>>     strings (which are not http URIs) that have been used to identify
>>     the resource in other domains, as properties in the RDF description.
>>     ISBN is a bit of a special case, it is an identifier for the
>>     resource, it is a string, it is not a http URI that can be used
>>     as a linked data identifier.  So in RDF it is captured as a
>>     string property.
>>     ~Richard.
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