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On 8/17/13 9:21 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:
> 1. Example 1 shows "authorizedAccessPoint" in both the Work and the 
> Authority graphs. Other examples, e.g. example 2, show this property 
> only in the Authority graph. Is it expected that the the 
> authorizedAccessPoint could be in either or both?
> 2. Example 4 is in RDF/XML, but I don't believe that the others are. 
> It would be great if the examples could be in a single serialization. 
> My preference would be for that to be turtle, since turtle is both 
> readable and more "true" to the underlying triples. A link to the W3C 
> validation service would allow those visual thinkers among us to 
> easily generate a graph from the example.
Here is example 2 in turtle[1] notation:

@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix dc: <> .
@prefix bf: <> .
@prefix foaf: <> .

<> a bf:Work ;
   bf:title "Eloise in Paris" ;
   bf:author <http://bibframe/auth/person/kay-thompson> ;
   bf:illustrator <http://bibframe/auth/person/hilary-knight> .

<http://bibframe/auth/person/kay-thompson> a bf:Person ;
   bf:authorizedAccessPoint "Thompson, Kay, 1909-1998" ;
   bf:hasAuthorityResource <> .

<http://bibframe/auth/person/hilary-knight> a bf:Person ;
   bf:authorizedAccessPoint "Knight, Hilary" ;
   bf:hasAuthorityResource <> .

For those who haven't encountered turtle, it's a way to write the 
triples of linked data in a more human-readable way. The very first URI 
(between <>) is the subject for each following set of statements, with 
the last of the group ending in "."

The turtle can be plugged into the W3C RDF Validator [2] to get triples 
(very hard to read) and a diagram. The diagram is machine-generated so 
is often a bit awkwardly designed, but it is a picture for those of us 
who are aided by pictures. I suggest to those on the list to try it out, 
but I also put the diagram online for quick viewing[3]. This format 
helps me visualize what is being proposed. YMMV.



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