Thanks, Mac - I wasn't thinking about people as subjects, but that adds 
an interesting twist. The section in the document on subject authorities 
doesn't address this. I wonder if there are relators that can be applied 
to a person (or corporate body) as either a subject or an "agent" 
(creator, producer, etc.). Unfortunately, the note that indicates that:


      Editorial Notes

  * Subject relationship

doesn't show on the file downloads, so I don't see an easy way to find 
out how many there are.


On 8/21/13 10:19 AM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:
>> This is less of a question for subjects since there is only one
>> relationship there ...
> Not in our experience.  In cataloguing an etching collection, we had
> "$edepicted" on subject headings for people, buildings, places, etc.
> This relationship differs from "about" which is understood as opposed
> to having a MARC relator code, or an RDA relator term.
> The authority for the person/thing/whatever must exclude role, with
> role being another element.  The same person may for three or more
> roles in relation to a resource, e.g., the writer/director/actor of/in
> film.
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