"Library holdings" is a kind of fluid concept; sometimes it means just 
which library holds the item, as in some union catalogs; sometimes it 
includes detailed information on location (Alcove B); sometimes it gets 
into the number of copies; and of course, there are serial holdings, 
which can vary from a brief statement to a couple of screens of issues 
and numbers, bindings, etc.

In library catalogs, the holdings *display* today often includes 
availability of the resource and a set of services offered. (see some 
examples of holdings displays at It can 
include statements about who is eligible for the services, especially in 
the case of licensed electronic materials. Some example services are: 
Place a hold; add to a list; export citation.

The schemabibex group [1], which is looking to extend for 
bibliographic information, is working on some proposals [2] [3] around 
library holdings information. This is relevant to BIBFRAME because of 
the potential uses of linked data, one of which would be to link Web 
resources to library holdings (such as [4]).

I would like to see "services" as a concept added to BIBFRAME, whether 
as part of holdings or as a separate annotation (although it may need to 
annotate the holdings annotation, which currently is not covered in the 
standard, since annotations can only annotation Works, Instances and 
Authorities). To me it is a statement of commitment both to users and to 
the integration of library services with the Web.

Comments? Ideas?



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