Dear All,

We wanted to share two documents with you all.  One is new, the other is an updated version.

The BIBFRAME Use Cases and Requirements document "...specifies use cases, requirements, and objectives for BIBFRAME. It suggests how BIBFRAME supports a variety of traditional and forward looking uses cases, describes the communications environment for the use cases in BIBFRAME, and describes the model communication format and acceptable serializations. For each use cases, supporting requirements and design objectives are defined."  

The Use Case and Requirements document is not inclusive.  We fully anticipate adding to it.  In fact, we hope and expect the document will elicit additional use cases from the community.  But, besides new use cases, we encourage feedback about the ones detailed in the document.  It is accessible at:

The second document is a significant revision of the /On BIBFRAME Authority/ discussion paper.  The current version reflects changes, additions, and deletions stemming largely from your feedback - thank you.  Although it has been slightly re-engineered toward acceptance of the "lightweight abstraction layer," the major issues - outlined in the previous version or raised from listserv comment - are still represented.  As before, we look forward to the discussion.  The revised version is available at:

When starting a new topical thread about the papers, please start a create new email with a descriptive subject, such as "use cases -- web triggers," "use cases -- authority reconciliation," or "authority -- direct approach."


Kevin Ford
Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress
Washington, DC