Let me see if I get this:

I have a sound recording that has bits and pieces from one or more composers and performers.

The whole sound recording has a title.

Each bit and piece from each composer has a title of the work as performed on the sound recording and also has a uniform title.  Bits and pieces uniform titles consist of name of composer + work type + catalog raisonne number + etc.

So, BIBFRAME titles involved in this description will be:
  1. Title of publication.*
  2. Uniform title of publication if applicable.  Say, they are all selections from Beethoven, so Beethoven + Selections.
  3. Title as given on publication for each bit or piece.
  4. Uniform title for each bit or piece.  More "gathering" works, but each one of these is for a selected bit or piece.

*Isn't the publication also a "gathering" work, in that it is a compilation?

Can you let me know if I am on the right track?  The reason I ask is that this compilation description in BIBFRAME comes closest to archival aggregations as anything.



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Each of those titles would be BIBFRAME Works in their own right, but would also relate to a grouping Work with what you have as the uniform title as it's title.
Therefore, a search for the "Robert Shaw legacy" would tell you it's part of a larger collection of stuff, and a search for your uniform title string will allow you to discover the individual titles associated with it.


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I haven't seen anything yet that struck me as handling this situation (but quite possibly I've missed something):

In my library we have publications with these titles:

.       Beethoven greatest hits
.       Historische Aufnahmen
.       Wilhelm Furtwängler
.       WRR Classical 101.1 FM, 50th anniversary
.       The Robert Shaw legacy (1956-1997)
.       Discover the symphony
.       The artistry of Philippe Herreweghe
.       Joy! The great composers' hits for the 70's

All of them (and many more) contain, in whole or in part, the work (FRBR sense) we in the U.S. have been calling Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827. Symphonies, no. 9, op. 125, D minor

The work is currently identified by a conjunction of the composer's name and a title formulated by recipe, but no publication is ever going to have exactly that title on the title page or the disc label or the title frame/title screen or any other imaginable source within the resource. Although all but one of my examples are in English, that is pure chance; resources containing this work might be in any language, but the notation will be readable even by a user who cannot read the title.

RDA allows for recording all the information in that string, but eventually it will not exist as a string constructed by the cataloger. Right now RDA does include rules for formulating such strings, but those are, as I understand it, an interim measure. Eventually, they will not exist. Nevertheless, Bibframe will need to give users a way to find all the resources that contain some particular "work" of this sort.

How does Bibframe accommodate such FRBR works and make them discoverable?

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