A naive question here. For all these entities represented primarily by a machine-actionable ID, do we expect they be able to be used by our LIS systems to form left-anchored browse lists related to our local resources? Subjects, authors, "uniform" titles? I'm not seeing local system authorities indexing if we are using IDs/URI's that pull remote text on demand. I'm probably missing something here.



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I doubt that we'll ever abandon the idea of uniformly constructed text strings to represent instances of things in categories. What were moving toward instead is a shared system where the identity of things such as Beethoven's 9th symphony is represented primarily by a machine-actionable ID. That ID in turn will be associated with one or more standard  text strings for representing the Work in appropriate contexts.  Full heading strings will still be appropriate in index lists. Clusters of faceted information associated with the ID will be another version of this representation, useful for faceted result displays. Associating a collection with the IDs for the Works it contains will be  more important than associating it with particular text strings; but the end user views will still follow some kind of cataloging standard for textual representation.




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