Hi, Virginia--I'm not sure if it will help you, but we've got a version of Chronam running using TIFFs instead of JP2s and have been loading non-NDNP color TIFFs successfully.

The TIFFs don't work with the JP2 zoom viewer, so I can't speak to what shows up there, but wherever else Chronam loads a page image (front page slider, 'front pages' gallery, title pages, printable clips, etc.) the color TIFFs load up just fine.  This might mean that there's something about the way JP2s are served that might involve grayscale conversion?

Hopefully someone else will weigh in!

Stephanie Williams
North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

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Subject: Has anyone tried loading content in color rather than greyscale?

Hi all,

Has anyone attempted to digitize their non-NDNP content in color and successfully loaded it in the Chronam viewer? NDNP specs call for content to be digitized in greyscale.

For the 3rd leg of a digitization project my department is carrying out, the funder requested that the originals be scanned in color and digitized. Not sure this would work and donít want to tell my superiors to go through the trouble if it will not show up in color once loaded in the chronam viewer. Nathan Y. shared that he tested loading color content in his VM chronam viewer and it appeared in greyscale.

Any advice on whether this is possible or if the greyscale specs can be altered to load color for non NDNP work?

Thanks for any advice you might have.

Virginia Pierce
South Carolina Digital Newspaper Program
Project Manager
University of South Carolina Libraries
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