Last year, I made a USGS library course available to USGS and other
Department of Interior employees. Because access and availability to print
and digital materials have evolved in the past year, I was looking to
update the tutorial sessions for the course: Finding and Using Scientific
Literature and Data from the USGS Library.

I have had an increase in inquiries and presentation requests from
librarians and scientists outside of the USGS and the Department of
Interior (DOI), including many of whom use our Denver library in-person -
Federal employees, public librarians, oil/gas geologists, hydrologists,
lawyers, and so on. I answer many of the inquiries by showing the content
of the course to library users when visiting us here in-person.

To make it easier for library users, I asked if the course could become
open to the public when the next version is released later this summer.
They said it was fine, and that non-USGS (and non-DOI) library users can
start taking the course now.

Only a few slides have internal USGS links on them; so non-USGS will be
block from the links; likewise, subscription content that USGS and(or) DOI
purchase will not be accessible unless your institution also purchases
them. Barring these exceptions, most of the material is accessible and I
hope is helpful.

The server hosts the library training course is available 24/7 and from IP

*To request access to the USGS Library Training course entitled "Finding
and using scientific literature and data from the USGS Library ", course
number = USGS-OED-ID1682, please send an e-mail to: *
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--- After you send the e-mail to request access to the course, you will
receive a user name, password, and additional information.

More info about the course:

Because the U.S. Geological Survey conducts research in the fields of
Biology, Geography, Geology, and Hydrology, many of the examples follow
these four main topics; however, examples the seven mission areas ( ) are included within the sessions.
*Finding and Using Scientific Literature and Data from the USGS Library*
The course outline:
Session 1: Introduction to the USGS Library and Services
Session 2: USGS Publications and the USGS Library Catalog
Session 3: Using the physical USGS Library
Session 4: Science Literature Searching Concepts and Citation Databases
Session 5: Accessing Scientific Literature from eJournal and eBook Searches
Session 6: Organizing Citations and Bibliographies
Session 7: Cited Reference Searches

I will be updating some of the slides this summer, but it will not change
the overall content...

Please let me know if you need more information, and enjoy the day,

Emily Wild
Librarian (Physical Scientist)
U.S. Geological Survey
Denver Library
Box 25046, MS 914
Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225-0046
ph: (303) 236-1003
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