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>From: Frank Guerino [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
>Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2013 11:07 AM
>To: KMgov
>Subject: [kmgov] Request for Data Visualizations (for KM & LM)
>Hello All,
>(I apologize for cross-posting but I wanted to open this up to multiple 
>KM & LM communities.)
>I'm reaching out to the community in hopes of getting your advice about 
>what you consider to be useful Data Visualizations for KM & LM.  (Note:
>By "useful," I mean those visualizations that you actually use as part 
>of your daily work or feel would truly be meaningful for your 
>stakeholders, if you had them.)
>Some Background: As part of my work with the IF4IT, I've been involved 
>in a two year effort to design and implement a new type of KM tool 
>(NOUNZR <> ) that automatically generates highly 
>organized and feature rich Electronic Libraries.  The tool is a 
>compiler and it essentially takes data as its input and generates 
>powerful Web Sites as its output.  Initial tests show that millions of 
>feature rich, highly organized, heavily interlinked, and high quality 
>Web Pages can be generated in an hour or two, as compared to many years 
>if done manually by an army of people.  The purpose is that such an 
>approach makes it very easy to publish large volumes of Data & 
>information to large communities, via the web.
>It took awhile to build the engine and we've now progressed to building 
>rich, user-friendly, and interactive Data Visualizations (or Knowledge 
>Views).  Examples include (Note: You must have IE 9 or greater to view 
>any interactive visualizations):
>1.    Catalogs & Indexes
><>  (Moderately
>2.    Aggregated Views of Data
  >  (Least >Complex)
>3.    Text-only singular entity Data Views
 (Least Complex)
>4.    Text-only Tabular/Semantic Relationship Views

>>  (Least Complex)
>5.    Interactive Dashboard Views
>< (Moderately
>6.    Interactive Node Cluster Views

 (Most Complex)
>Given the current state of maturity, the interest is to progress to 
>many more of Complex Data Views (such as #6).  Therefore, I'm reaching 
>out to the community in hopes of getting your views on the topic.  May 
>I please impose on you to kindly provide what you believe to be 
>"useful" Data Visualization for KM & LM, along with your professional 
>opinions and advice as to what value they add and why?
>Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
>My Best,
>Frank Guerino, Chairman
>The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT) 
>1.908.294.5191 (M)