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Excess list August 22nd, 2013
OCLC no.        Title / Author  Pub. Date       Publisher       Condition
20805749        Xin Zhongguo de xin fu nü / 新中国的新婦女 "Model women of new China" 1949    Zhonghua quan guo min zhu…      Poor
8755724 Dictionnaire national des contemporains /       1936-1939       Les Editions Lajeunesse Poor: red rot
N/A     Melnā grāmata : kas un kā izcīnīja Latvijas neatkarību 1918-1920 / "what and who won the Latvian independence in 1918-1920?"      1931    Autora Izdevums
N/A     Tercera Semana Interamericana de Acción Católica / Atlantida- Uruguay 4th ed 1956             Fair
N/A     The Sovereign Pontiff has the right to be represented in foreign countries  / by H.E. Archbishop G. de Jonghe d' Ardaye (article?)      1960?   Unknown Fair
1897110 Guerra de Europa: documentos diplomaticos. Attitude do Brasil, 1914-1917 [1918]. v.1-2  1917-1918       Ministerio relações exteriores        Poor
N/A     "The memoirs of the first World War (Japanese-German war) by Baron M. Funakoshi" [title translation from Japanese]      Unknown Ministry of Foreign Aff.        Fair/Poor
N/A     Laws, decrees and resolutions of Panama dealing with their entrance into the European war, 1917.        Misc.   Var.    Good
166903338       Legacy of ashes [sound recording] : the history of the CIA / by Tim Weiner.  -- 15 Audio Cassettes --   2007    Blackstone Audio        Fair
27005715        Truman [sound recording] / David McCullough. -- 4 Audio Cassettes --    1992    Simon & Schuster Audio  Fair
N/A     Un agent de l'"intelligence service" belge : (mémoires d'un condamné à mort.), 1914-1918 / par James Mir.    1926     Les oeuvres représentatives
N/A     La mission de la Croix-Rouge russe en Bulgarie: lettre / Serge Bagotzky 1924    Croix-Rouge     Fair
N/A     Claim of the Near East Relief: Report / House of Representatives- 68th Sess., Report no. 1199   1925    U.S. G.P.O.     Fair
2246655 Census Bureau methodological research. [serial] 1963-1968, 1970-1973    1963-1973       Bureau of Census        Good
795016  Books, manuscripts and drawings relating to tobacco...on exhibition at the Library of Congress /  George Arents 1938    U.S. Govt. Print. Off   Good
3088976 Economically appropriate technologies for developing countries : an annotated bibliography / Marilyn Carr       1976    Intermediate Technology Good
14550836        International guide to European sources of technical information : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece[etc.]     1957    OEEC    Good
1640346 The Guide to Catholic literature. [serial] 1954 issue only      1954    Walter Romig    Good
3897537 The Sutro library catalogue of works on the Catholic church by Spanish, Portuguese and Spanish-American writers before 1800     1941    California State Library        Fair
1389842 An analytical guide to the bibliographies on the Arab Fertile Crescent  1975    AIIS    Good
891429  Analytical guide to the bibliographies on the Arabian Peninsula 1974    AIIS    Good
496338  An analytical guide to the bibliographies on modern Egypt & the Sudan   1972    AIIS    Good
832978   The Arab-Israeli dispute; an annotated bibliography of bibliographies  1973    AIIS    Fair
9323416 The new religions of Japan : a bibliography of western-language materials / Byron H. Earhart    1983    University of Michigan  Good
1890620 Russian emigré authors : a biographical index… = Russkie pisateli ėmigrat︠s︡ii : biograficheskie svedenii     1973    G.K. Hall       Good
9589034 Foreign missionary agencies in the United States        1953    Missionary Research Lib.        Fair
582233  Japanese religion and philosophy: a guide to Japanese reference and research materials / Donald Holtzman        1959    University of Michigan  Fair
2757345 Scientific and technical serial publications of the Soviet Union, 1945-1960     1963    Library of Congress     Fair
2760335 World list of scientific periodicals published in the years 1900-1950. 3rd ed.  1952    Butterworths    Fair
500103736       Articulos cientificos publicados en America Latina. V. 1950 only        1950    UNESCO  Fair
47625275         The Invisible Web : uncovering information sources search engines can't see / Chris Sherman and Gary Price. 2 copies avail.    2001    CyberAge Books  Excellent
N/A     Mitteilungen der Waffenstillstandskommission. [serial] no.21, 25-28, 1919       1919    Reichsdr.       Fair
1438164 Official map publications; a historical sketch, and a bibliographical handbook of current maps and mapping services in the United States, Canada, Latin America, France, Great Britain, Germany, and certain other countries    1938    A.L.A.  Good
2147455 Disputed paternity proceedings. Schatkin, Sidney B. 3rd ed.     1953    Banks   Good
N/A     издание распространение произведений в и ленина [publication and distribution of works by Lenin] -in Russian/bibliography       1960    Institut marksizma-leninizma    Good
2387904 Kanhaiyalal Chanchreek.  Jagjivanram : select bibliography, 1908-1975   1975    S. Chand        Good
1096904 A list of manuscripts, books, portraits, prints, broadsides and memorabilia in commemoration of the one hundred and twentieth anniversary of the birth of Walt Whitman (May 31, 1819-1939) from the Whitman collection of Mrs. Frank Julian Sprague of New York City, exhibited at the Library of Congress, 1939 / Harriet Chapman Jones Sprague        1939    G.P.O.,         Fair
12125512        I.V. Sztálin müveinek magyar bibliográfiája, 1945-1950 / Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár 1951    Szikra  Fair
828990040       Библиография произведений К. Маркса и Ф. Энгельса. [Bibliography of works: Marx, Engels]        1948    N/A     Good

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