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eHRAF Archaeology and eHRAF World Cultures

When:  Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time:  10:00 - 11:30am and again from 2:00 - 3:30pm

Where:  Adams Building, 2nd Floor, Room 218 (FedLink room)

eHRAF Archaeology is an online cross-cultural database containing descriptive information on archaeological traditions of the world and is modeled after eHRAF World Cultures. eHRAF is unique because each archaeological tradition contains a variety of full-text source documents (books, articles, and dissertations) that have been indexed and organized according to HRAF's comprehensive tradition and subject classification systems: the Outline of Archaeological Traditions (OAT), and the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM). These retrieval systems extend search capability well beyond keyword searching thus allowing for precise tradition and subject retrieval, even in a foreign language.   eHRAF Archaeology database provides researchers and students access to archaeological materials for comparative studies within and across regions.


eHRAF World Cultures.  The Human Relations Area Files Collection of Ethnography is a cross-cultural database of primary source materials on all aspects of cultural and social life worldwide. eHRAF includes bibliographic citations, abstracts, and full text of ethnographic and other materials from a variety of sources (books, dissertations, conference papers, unpublished manuscripts and journal articles) focusing on international pre-industrial cultures and North American immigrant groups. Covers ethnography by culture & subject, including family relationships, political organization, ideas about gender, etc. Subjects include: Anthropology; American Indians; Archaeology; Ethnic Studies; Folklore; Native American Studies; and Social Sciences. Produced by the Human Relations Area Files, Inc. (HRAF) at Yale University.



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Are we still on for Thursday?

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Also, do you, by chance, have the original announcement we sent out?

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