Please join Ms. Lisa Kahl-Hillerich, APPRISS, for an interesting presentation and training session on the use and benefits of the APPRISS law enforcement assistance tools. See the following link to the FEDLINK Services directory listing for APPRISS-    

When: Thursday- August 29th, 2013, 9:30-11:00AM and 1:30-3:00PM

Where: FEDLINK Conference Room, LA-218, LC John Adams Bldg, 2nd and Independence Ave. SE.Wash, DC.

Registration: Please e-mail Jim Oliver, [log in to unmask], to register for either session.   

Proud of What We Do…

Appriss provides technology solutions to help government agencies keep communities safe and informed

Since 1994, Appriss has provided innovative software-based services that help hundreds of local, state and federal criminal justice agencies keep communities safe and informed.

Our various technology platforms range from automated victim notification (VINE our flagship service), to criminal justice information sharing, electronic document storage, protective order and court notification services, and more…

JusticeXchange for Federal Government Agencies:

JusticeXchange is an integrated justice solution that provides up-to-date incarceration data from thousands of agencies across the country.

1.       Contains more that 70 million booking and incarceration records, adding more than 600,00 per month

2.       Query thousands of criminal justice databases across the country at once that include

a.        Booking records

b.       Booking photos

c.        Probation & Parole records

d.       Felony & Misdemeanor warrants

e.       Local jail information

f.         Departments of Correction Information

3.       Identify and analyze relationships to person(s) of interest

4.       Receive automatic notification of person(s) of interest when they become incarcerated or are released

Current Federal Agencies using JusticeXchange

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Join our training sessions on August 29th to find out how to get more from how your agency uses J


Thank you and see you on the 29th,

Jim Oliver

FEDLINK Vendor Services

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