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- sometimes these are cited as more than one series [ USGS Technical Record, Interagency Reports, USGS Open-File Reports, and(or) USGS Miscellaneous Maps...] ... and located in different sections within the library, but physically just one report.

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The recent USGS Energy Resources Program publications will be available online at:
Assessment of Undiscovered Conventional Oil and Gas Resources of the Arabian Peninsula and Zagros Fold Belt, 2012
The USGS Energy Resources Program also has a publications search page, example:

The World Geologic Maps and Datasets:

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Please refer to the following three examples below for the Arabian Peninsula; please let me know if you seek additional information. 

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-- the two maps in the OFR are the scanned maps of I-270-A; they are online, downloadable, and also in an interactive map interface, for example, here are the titles and links:

Map showing geologic provinces of the Arabian peninsula : 

Map Showing Oil and Gas Fields and Geological Provinces of the Arabian Peninsula

(2) USGS World Energy Assessment Regions, U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series 60
Middle East and North Africa, Region 2:

USGS Oil and Gas, World Energy Assessment information:

(3) USGS Professional Paper 560: Geology of the Arabian Peninsula: 

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula; shield area of western Saudi Arabia:

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula - Yemen:
Geology of the Arabian Peninsula; Aden Protectorate:

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula; sedimentary geology of Saudi Arabia:

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula - Bahrain:

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula; Kuwait:

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula; southwestern Iraq:

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula; Eastern Aden Protectorate and part of Dhufar:

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula, Jordan:

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