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I believe what the authority record for Society of Friends is trying to say is that “Society of Friends” is a religious persuasion that is not itself an organized body, but collectively encompasses a number of organizations which could individually be used as corporate authors. The name can be used in a 650 field as a subject for works that discuss the persuasion, but works issued by Quaker bodies must be entered under the name of the meeting or other issuing body, e.g. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.


Use of the name “Society of Friends” is similar to use of “Mormon Church,” which is a general term representing all groups that identify with Mormonism. Mormon Church cannot be used as a corporate name author, but specific groups like Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Community of Christ can.


I did some spot checking, and it appears that all records for television programs are coded as not appropriate for use as series headings. RDA, the third exception, gives instructions to treat individual episodes or excerpts of a television program as parts of the larger work. Thus, if you had something like video records of stories from episodes of the TV series, you might have something like this on each record:


130 0X  60 minutes (Television program). $p 40 million mistakes.

245 10  40 million mistakes : $b is your credit report accurate?



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Subject: authority records subject and main entry usage



I hope this is an appropriate question for this forum.  I’m not an expert on authority work so I thought I’d ask those who were.  I have noticed in my authority file a couple of records which have restrictions in the fixed fields on the use of the heading for main entry and/or subject usage.  I think these restrictions are recent updates to the authority record, but I’m not sure.  The records are:

-          Society of Friends (n  79066083) which says not to use this heading as a corporate name heading (and to use the topical subject heading sh85-124183 when using as a subject)

-          60 minutes (Television program) (n  81065867) which restricts the heading’s use as a series.


My question is, what do I do with the bib records already in my catalog which use Society of Friends as a corporate name entry, or 60 minutes as a series entry?  With Society of Friends, I suppose I just remove those headings from the bib records, and where appropriate (when the resource being described is a meeting of the Friends. maybe adding the sh85-124183 as a subject heading.  With 60 minutes, I guess I’d remove it from the 830 series field and instead make it part of the title, so that the 245 would have the series title in 245 $a and the episode/segment title in a $p. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.



Chris Fox

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