Ana Lupe Cristan posted a message to this list on May 31 concerning these records.

She referred to page 4, bullet point 3 here:

Maybe adding these instructions to the (really) Post RDA Test Guidelines or some other FAQ is in order:


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Dear PCC List,

Has anyone manually updated headings qualified by "Polyglot" (or representing two languages) yet?� As you know, only one language per expression is allowed in RDA authority records.� I guess what I'm trying to figure out is, when you encounter a "Polyglot" or two-language expression heading how should we fix it?� Would you update that heading to one language expression, and then make new authorities for the others?� Unlike other headings with the 667 note instructing catalogers to evaluate/manually upgrade the heading, the language expression changes are not "one-to-one."

I'm searching the FAQ documents on the LC site, but haven't had much luck in finding guidance.� Perhaps this is addressed in the Toolkit itself?


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