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The authority records are not a mistake.  Because this exhibition is always held in the same place, the authorized access point for the series of conferences is established as "International Architectural Exhibition (Venice, Italy)" per RDA  Each single instance of this exhibition is established using the number, date, and location in the qualifier per RDA as in "International Architectural Exhibition (13th :  2012 :  Venice, Italy)".  The frequency with which the exhibition is held has changed so that accounts for why the most recent ones show every two years and the older ones have more years between them.

But if always held in the same place, wouldn't it be better--or maybe more efficient--to give in the individual conference access points the place-name just after the name of the body (as with the collective conference name) and only post the number and date after that (e.g., International Architectural Exhibition (Venice, Italy) (13th : 2012))?  That would comport with ye olde fashioned alphabetical arrangement of eye-readable, left-anchored access points, with the collective conference name at the head of the individual conference names.

Assuming this is the case, RDA is missing an exception under, which would reference

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