Stephen, you say:


>If I'm reading RDA correctly, the qualifiers specified by

>which include "Fictitious character," should be added routinely and not

>added only in the case of conflicts. In that case, as fictitious character headings

>migrate from LCSAF to LCNAF, the changes will be in the tagging--from 150

>$a to 100 $a $c--rather than the text of the authorized access point, which will

>continue to be qualified by (Fictitious character) under RDA. 


That was the intention of 6JSC/BL/4, which gave rise to the “new” qualifiers. We wanted to be able to transfer access points unchanged from LCSH (in the case of fictitious characters and non-human entities) and from pre-RDA name authorities (in the case of persons named in sacred scriptures). We also wanted it to be clear to a user that they were looking at the access point for something other than a real human person, and for that information to be recorded at the element level as well.


There is an inconsistency between, which says the elements should be added routinely to access points, and 9.6, where the “core” status of these elements in our proposal was changed to “core if” in the final text. RDA change proposal 6JSC/BL/13 seeks to remove the inconsistency, by restoring their “core” status.


I’d have thought it might be possible to update and transfer the authority records by program. For example:


010   $a sh2002007516

040   $a Uk $beng $c DLC

150   $a Paws (Cat)

550   $wg $a Cats

670   $a Work cat.: Maguire, B. Time for Paws, 2001: $bt.p. (Paws) back cover (Time for Paws is the autobiography of a cat.)


Translates easily to:


010   $a n2013XXXXXX $z sh2002007516

040   $a Uk $b eng $c DLC $d [DLC? IEN?]

1000  $a Paws (Cat)

368   $c Cat

670   $a Maguire, B. Time for Paws, 2001: $bt.p. (Paws) back cover (Time for Paws is the autobiography of a cat.)


That is, change the 1XX tag, create 368 $c from the 1XX qualifier, lose the 550; also lose “Work cat.” from 670 (if that is considered important). It would just need someone to make a list of the most common terms used in the LCSH file to qualify non-human entities and fictitious/legendary persons.


It’s a shame to lose the 550, but for as long as we must continue to have two separate authority files…


Interestingly, I notice that NARs for biblical figures, biblical prophets, etc., were recoded to RDA in March this year, a full four months before the qualifiers became available for use in RDA ;-)






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