Media and carrier types are repeatable, so it could possibly go

336 ## text $b txt $2 rdacontent
337 ## unmediated $b n $a microform $b h $2 rdamedia
338 ## volume $b nc $a microfilm reel $b hd $2 rdacarrier

Or perhaps even something like

336 ## text $b txt $2 rdacontent
337 ## $3 Print copies $a unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia
337 ## $3 Microfilm copies $a microform $b h $2 rdamedia
338 ## $3 Print copies $a volume $b nc $2 rdacarrier
338 ## $3 Microfilm copies $a microfilm reel $b hd $2 rdacarrier

Of course appropriate to whatever the microform carrier is.


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Anyone know what the 336, 337, and 338 would be for an RDA USNP MARC record?
I'm guessing they would either be for the print or possibly omitted

Here's the section in LC PCC PS 0.0 on USNP if anyone needs a refresher:

LC practice: LC's records for U.S. newspapers in microform follow the
guidelines of the United States Newspaper Program (USNP). USNP is not
required to follow the CONSER practice of creating separate records for U.S.
titles in microform, but generally uses the "master record convention" to
account for the various physical forms in which a newspaper is held. The
bibliographic record describes the newspaper as it was originally published.
The physical format, whether original newsprint, microform, or reprint, is
described in the Copy Field of the OCLC local data record.

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