Shlomo said:

>Caching locally may be practical ...

I'll admit to culture shock in relation to the proposed brave new
bibliographic universe.  It is difficult for me to picture SLC sending
clients a bunch of URIs as as opposed to actual data.  (We did not take
RDA to mean retirement date approacheth, but Bibframe could a a
greater game changer.)

It seems fine to me to retrieve "Blow, Joe" as an access point the
first time he is added to a catalogue or searched, but the umpteenth?  
Would it not be more efficient to cache the data when first sought,
than to download it every time the name is searched and needed in a

Perhaps there could be notification if there is change in the authority,
say a death date added?

Our server had a brief down time due to too many hits.  Might this not
happen to any database server, say that of the VIAF, if too many
searched simultaneously?

Storage space is steadily declining in cost, and we find multiple back
up to be very good practice.   Web access on the other hand is
becoming more costly for us.

A "business case" for Bibframe seems more important to me than one for RDA.

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