This is the fourth in a series of emails in which I will highlight upcoming
changes to EAD.  As I previously wrote, I hope this stimulates discussion
and comment, and serves as inspiration for the EAD community to engage with
the beta release of EAD3.  More information on the revision and the beta
comment form are available at

Reduce Mixed Content

As part of our goal to simplify EAD where possible, we carefully reviewed
where and how mixed content is allowed in EAD.  By mixed content I mean
elements that can contain both text and other elements.  We chose to reduce
mixed content by more carefully considering what elements are appropriate
within a given element.  Practicality required us to balance that impulse
against a desire for a reasonably simple schema design.

EAD3 will have 3 basic mixed content models:

   - Core: abbr, emph, expan, lb, ptr, ref
   - Expanded core: Core + persname, famname, corpname, name, geogname,
   subject, occupation, function, title, date, footnote, num, quote
   - Expanded core + <list>

Deprecated Elements

When EAD 1.0 was updated to EAD 2002, a handful of elements were
deprecated.  Those deprecated elements remained in the DTD, but anyone
wishing to use them needed to modify the DTD to turn them on.

In EAD3 all deprecated elements in EAD 2002 will be permanently removed.
 Additional elements will be removed from EAD3.  Among those, elements that
are not replaced by one or more elements will be deprecated using a similar
mechanism whereby they can be turned on via an edit to the DTD.

The following elements are deprecated in EAD3:

   - <frontmatter>
   - <eadgrp>, <archdescgrp>, <dscgrp>
   - <descgrp>
   - <runner>
   - <daogrp> + <linkgrp>
   - <note>
   - <bibseries>
   - <imprint>

As always, questions and comments are greatly appreciated.


Mike Rush
TS-EAD co-chair