We don’t do anything to indicate that there are subheadings, though it could be inferred if necessary by the presence of the double dash.


It affects our public display since we have one facet for “Names” (persname, famname, corpname), one for “Type of Material” (genreform), and one for everything else, which we lump together as “Subjects.”  So if we tag something as <corpname> it shows up under “Names” but if we tag it as <subject> it shows up under “Subjects”.  See here http://findingaids.syr.edu/xtf/search?brand=ead;collection=ead;sort=title;titleAlpha=NA for an example.


Since we generate our MARC records from our EAD, it also affects the resulting MARC record.




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Thank you all.


Whichever way you encode the entry, do you do anything with attributes to clarify the mixed nature of the entry?


Does your encoding choice affect your public display? 


Thanks again