Here are some titles we have available.  Just let me know which you'd like and I'll send them on out.  

1)  On writing well, 4th edition  by William Zinnser c.1990
2)  The Citi commonsense money guide for real people.  Dara Duquay ed.  c.2007
3)  You paid how much for that?  How to win at money without losing at love.  by Natalie H. Jenkins et al.  c.2002
4)  Intermediate microeconomics: Theory, issues and applications by Roger LeRoy Miller c.1978
5)  The inheritance of economic status by John A. Brittain  c.1977
6)  Financing black economic development  by Timothy Bates and William Bradford c.1979
7)  The economic impacts of tax-transfer policy by Frederick L. Golladay and Robert H. Haveman c.1977
8)  Social experimentation and economic policy  by Robert Ferber and Werner Z Hirsch  c.1982
9)  Readings in the concept and measurement of income  c 1969
10) The economics of poverty and discrimination  by Bradley R. Schiller  c.1984 
11)  Out of the poverty trap  by Stuart Butler and Anna Kondratas c 1987
12)  Current controversies on family violence   by Richard J. Gelles and Donleen R. Loseke  c. 1993

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