NLS Operations Alert


No. 13-56


DATE          :  September 20, 2013

TO                :  Network Libraries

FROM         :  Michael Katzmann, Chief, Materials Development Division

SUBJECT   :  BARD Mobile app for iOS devices



The BARD Mobile application for iOS devices, version 1.0, is now available at Apple’s online app store:


Network libraries that previewed the application should delete the preview version from their device before downloading and installing BARD Mobile 1.0 from the app store.


Patrons who experience difficulty finding the app should be instructed to search online in the app store using the term “bardmobile” or “nls.”


The BARD Mobile app enables NLS patrons to download audio and braille books, magazines, and music scores directly to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, provided they have a BARD account. The app is free of charge.


The user guide is available in the Help section of the app and online in HTML format at


A video introduction to the BARD Mobile application is available at


If you have any questions or concerns about the application or wish to report any technical problems, please send an e-mail to [log in to unmask].


For more information contact:

Michael Katzmann

Chief, Materials Development Division

[log in to unmask]