I recall wondering about this earlier.  Is the DCMZ1 in the toolkit?  
There is one at There is no 
date associated with this pdf, but under 370 (which looks current) I 
found this note, "If the place name is not found in the LC/NAF, 
formulate it according to the current cataloging guidelines being used. 
It is
not necessary to create a NAR for the name used in the 370. "  Does this 
mean that the place I had for Sam's Place Rongo, Kenya, does not need to 
be established?  Since there is so little written on Sam's Place and no 
web site, I believe that I will abandon that NAR.

I have a few NARs for you.


On 9/11/2013 4:38 PM, Frank, Paul wrote:
> 370 (Associated place)