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I have a couple of questions for the Collective Wisdom about authorized access points for conferences/events.


There was an ongoing exhibition name established under AACR2:


111 2#  Interferenzen


(It’s not a named event under RIs 24.7 and 24.8, but nevermind.)  Since I am cataloging several of these, which all took place during 1990 and 1991, I wanted to re-evaluate the record and recode it for RDA.  I have added (Exhibition) because of, but now I think I need to qualify by place too because all of the exhibitions were held in Vienna (  Under AACR2, rule 24.7B4 said to do this, but its RI said not to; I can’t find an equivalent policy statement to negate the RDA instruction.  So, first question:  For the collective name, is this correct:


111 2#  Interferenzen (Exhibition : Vienna, Austria)


Second question:  If the above form is correct, should the location be repeated in subfield c in the authorized access points for the individual exhibitions?


111 2#  Interferenzen (Exhibition : Vienna, Austria) ǂn (1st : ǂd1990 ǂc Vienna, Austria)


Ana Cristán’s Power Point titled: RDA Special Topics: Conferences (from RDA Refresher Training at LC) has examples where the location in the first set of parentheses is broader than the location in the second set, like this:


111 2# ATE (Conference : Canada) ǂn (10th : ǂd1999 ǂcOttawa, Ont.)


but no examples where they are the same.


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Mary Jane Cuneo

Serials cataloging and NACO

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